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Easy Staple Crop Florida Survival Garden

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Building a Perennial Garden in Florida through Sheet Mulching. In this video, we will show you how to easily create a supplement stockpile to prepare for situations.

Sheet mulching is a simple and effective method to establish a thriving perennial garden. We will be a variety of crops including cassava, pigeon pea, chaya, katuk, African potato mint, cowpea, and sweet potato.

First, start by choosing a suitable location for your garden. Make sure it has good sunlight exposure and enough space to accommodate your crops. Clear the area of any grass or , and level the ground if necessary.

Now, let's begin the sheet mulching process. Start by laying down a layer of or newspaper on the ground. This will suppress any remaining vegetation and help retain moisture.

Next, add a layer of matter like grass clippings, leaves, or . This will provide nutrients to the plants and improve soil fertility.

Now it's time to plant our perennial staple crops. Start with cassava, a versatile root vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes. Plant them about one to two feet apart, ensuring they have enough space to grow.

Continue by pigeon pea, a drought-tolerant that provides protein-rich seeds and leaves. Plant chaya, katuk, African mint, , and alongside, allowing enough room for them to thrive.

Water your newly planted crops thoroughly, and mulch around them to retain moisture and suppress . Make sure to water and maintain the garden regularly to ensure healthy growth.

In just a few months, you will start harvesting a variety of delicious and nutritious crops from your perennial garden.

By following these simple steps and using the sheet mulching technique, you can easily create a sustainable source to prepare for any SHTF situation.