Star Fruit ‘Arkin’ (Averrhoa carambola)
Star Fruit ‘Arkin’ (Averrhoa carambola)
Use code TROPICAIREHOMESTEAD20 for 20% off entire order Arkin Star Fruit (Averrhoa carambola) is a great addition to any home landscape! Not only does it look beautiful with its exotic purple flowers and 5-sided star fruits, but it is also easy to grow and produces delicious, sweet fruits. It is best to use extra soil nutrients to ensure that the fruits are sweet when it's time to harvest. In a tropical to subtropical climate, you can enjoy the rewards of this star fruit variety year-round. The fruits are in their prime when they ripen on the tree to a yellow-orange color. You can enjoy them fresh, in combination with other fruits and desserts, or as a garnish for your favorite tropical-themed dishes.


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