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is here and the in my permamculture forest are waking up. This is making flowers.

Common names
, blue pea, , , [English]; pois bleu [French]; clitoria azul, azulejo, papito, zapatico de la reina, zapotillo, conchita azul, campanilla, bandera, choroque, lupita, pito de parra, bejuco de conchitas [Spanish]; cunhã, Fula criqua [Portuguese]; kittelbloem [Dutch]; Blaue Klitorie [German]; tembang telang [Indonesian]; Bunga telang [Malay]; Mavi Kelebek Sarmaşığı [Turkish]; Chi Đậu biếc [Vietnamese]; অপরাজিতা [Bengali]; 蝶豆 [Chinese]; अपराजिता [Hindi]; ശംഖുപുഷ്പം [Malayalam]; गोकर्णी [Marathi]; கருவிளை [Tamul]; శంఖపుష్పం [Telugu]; ดอกอัญชัน [Thai]

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