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I love the chaos of seed bombing sections of my to get them established. This time, I am seed bombing the edge of the property that has been exposed more than ever after .

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53 varieties of :



2 varieties of Rat Tail Radish

Pigeon Pea


4 varieties of Basil
3 varieties of Mustard
Butteryfly Pea
3 varieties of Asian Long Beans
2 varieties of Tomatillo

4 varieites of Cucumber
Python Bean
2 varieites of
3 varieties of Swiss Chard
Perpetual Spinach
Litchi tomato
2 varieties of Kale
2 varieties of Okra
Sweet Mage or Mexican
Huckle Berry
Toothache Plant
Crimson CLover
2 varieties of Malabar Spinach

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.
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