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Watch this video if you're thinking about growing Mango or recently planted Mango .

I had a less then stellar Mango harvest this season. It is the first year that the Mango bloomed and fruited, but it could have been better. Mango develops in the dry season here in . There were a few issues that prevented the Mango from getting the moisture that it needed to make an abundant crop of . The didn't get the moisture it needed at the most important time.

I address these issues in this video to setup the Mango tree to have a bountiful crop of Mango next season.

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Bent Tree
1:05 Mexican Sunflower Jungle
1:42 After Chopping Mexican Sunflower
2:09 New Mango Growth
2:37 Need a Swale
3:07 Digging The Swale
4:05 Hugelkultur
5:04 Add Mulch
7:08 Finishing Touch
7:48 Thank You


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