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I improve the in a row of fruit trees in my Florida zone 9b forest by adding a massive amount of and drop . I use Mexican Sunflower, material from pruning our ornamental landscape, dried up palm fronds and .

The palm fronds are used as an alternative to cardboard. A Mexican Sunflower jungle that is intruding on two Mango trees is chopped and transaplanted into a row near a fence line. The new row of Mexican Sunflower will provide tons of bio material for future use.

Longevity Spinach and Potato Mint are planted in front of the row as ground cover and a barrier. Blue Porter is planted to attract pollinators. Veviter grass is planted as an additional source of and drop material.

This massive amount of will feed the . The will feed the fruit trees and the fruit trees will feed us.

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Tools used in this video:
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Cold Steel Heavy Machete – https://amzn.to/46pAACn
Bully Tools Garden Hoe – https://amzn.to/3CPNCeX
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