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We're transitioning from the to the rainy season here in Florida. I have big plans for my forest this year and I need to get some things done before rainy season starts.

Join me as I walk through my forest and about my plans and goals for the year. See the good and the bad and how I plant to expand and improve.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Goals
0:43 Shady Area Under Oak Tree
1:12 Cogon Grass Infestation
1:45 Infestation
1:55 Improve and Expand
2:37 Improve Mid Row
4:08 #1
4:31 Tree Needs Love
5:16 #2
5:33 Mint Patch Experiment
6:22 Flood Prone Area
6:54 Flood Tolerant
7:59 More Cogan Grass
8:24 Newer Section
10:44 How I water
11:01 The
12:34 Forest Entrance
13:41 Forest Expansion

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