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Watch as I harvest for the kitchen and harvest and cuttings for propagation in my Florida permaculture food . I do some light chop and drop to add fertility to the soil and give plants space to breathe and get more sun. Some of the cuttings are used for guerilla gardening to reclaim space from the jungle border in my edible landscape food .

Some of the plants in this video are Florida King Peach, Hibiscus, Cherry of the Rio Grande, , Cassava, Turmeric, Ginger, Loquat, Katuk, Chaya (or Mexican Spinach), Rat Tail Radish, Mint, Deliciosa, Mexican Sunflower, Pigeon Pea, , Luffa Gourd, Perilla frutescens – Shiso, Shishi Herb, Beefsteak Plant, African Potato min and more.

0:00 Intro
0:55 Harvest Rat Tail Radish
1:50 Chop and Drop
2:19 Protect Noni
2:53 Harvest and Chop and Drop Hibiscus
4:45 Blackberry Jam Fruit
5:02 Cherry of the Rio Grande
6:42 Harvest Tree
7:54 Mint
8:12 Egg Plant
8:50 Luffa Gourd
9:02 Florida King Peach
10:24 Beefsteak Plant ( Perilla frutescens )
11:24 Turmeric and
11:41 Turmeric
13:31 Ginger
14:59 Replanting Turmeric and Ginger
15:49 African Potato Mint Harvest
20:55 Potting Potato Mint
21:18 Pruning Loquat Tree
22:36 Potting Loquat Cuttings
23:01 Deliciosa
24:10 Making Katuk Cuttings
25:28 Guerilla Planting Katuk
27:12 Guerilla Planting Chaya
28:23 Guerilla Planting Tour
28:34 in November
29:39 Pigeon Pea Harvest and Chop and Drop
31:24 Start Your Own Food Forest

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