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Join me in the on this gorgeous Saturday morning as I create from a mulch pile, unbox a tropical fruit tree haul, pot up the new , a new and transplant several pineapples to a better spot.

I am planting a Special in my zone 9b permaculture . I am also transplanting several pineapples that I started from store bought pineapples to a better spot.

The new I am unboxing are:

Aloysia virgata – Almond Bush
tree Barbie Pink, Psidium guajava
tree Cas,
tree Ruby Supreme, Psidium guajava
Pineapple fruit Special, Ananas comosus
Portulacaria afra – Baby

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Sifting
1:11 Finished Product
1:33 Haul
2:57 Florida Special Pineapple
3:16 Dig up Pineapples
4:15 Transplant Pineapples
5:59 Plant Florida Special
7:11 Water In Pineapples
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