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Your first rack of bananas is exciting

You may not know what to expect

We recorded our first blossoming

A flag leaf will appear (we didn't record this)

A banana flag leaf resembles a tear drop or feather flag.

The swells from the top

The flower emerges

After the flower is visible, it continues

The stalk continues to get longer

The burgundy flower petals get noticable bumpy

The bumps are the individual inside turning into bananas

the flower petals will begin to peel away from the flower

Tiny bananas reveal themselves from under the flower petals

This process continues

More and more hands of bananas are revealed

until the individual no longer look like fully formed banana

At this point that you will know how hands the rack is going to have

the petals will contine to open up and fall off while the bananas are larger

This is a small rack of 4 or 5 hands

Watch For https://youtu.be/t1cs5aMJ32E

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