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This is a quick walkthrough of our food forest to record what the food forest looks like 2 months after Hurricane Ian and before upcoming maintenance that we have planned.

Our food forest is laid out over approximately 3/4 of an acre on the south side of our .

The oldest section of the food forest is just over 3 years old.

About a 3rd of the food forest is 1 1/2 to 2 years old and close to half of the food forest is less than a year old.

I broadcast pioneer plant seeds to get quick coverage of new sections.

I prefer pigeon pea, ruby hibisucs and cranbeery hibiscus as my seed bomb pioneer plants.

I also plant longevity spinach, , african potato mint and mexican sunflower to help fill in the new areas.

There are currently about 50 banana plants throughout the food forest.

are an excellent food source and provide an abundance of and drop material.

There are a variety of in the food forest.

3 mango varieties, star , loquat, 4 varieties of rollinia, , peach, noni,
soursop, ross sapote, jam , peantbutter , strawberry true to name a few.

The food forest is still recovering from being devastated by Hurricane Ian.

Most of the plants are bouncing back great.

We have done little maintenance since the hurricane.

We are planning a big cleanup and framing the paths with limbs that were downed by hurricane ian.

Some of the plants in the walkthrough: mango starfruit loquat rollinia peach noni soursop ross sapote jam fruit peant butter fruit strawberry longevity spinach african potato mint mexican sunflower ruby hibiscus

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