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My garden was mostly destroyed by hurricane Ian. I am rebuilding the garden and will be using . This is phase 1 of the project where I give a tour of my garden and lay down tarps.

I have a big problem with weeds. In particular, rhizome grasses and . Both grasses were even successful in invading my raiseds beds last season.

I am going to use tarps to kill as many weeds as possible. This probably won't kill all of the , but it will help. I have a few other ideas that should help keep the grass out of the raised beds.

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0:00 Intro
0:27 garden
0:48 Phase 1 plan
1:15 Tour of current state of the garden
1:59 Destroyed trellis
2:15 grows under shed
2:43 What's under the tarp?
3:09 Torpedo graa still alive under tarp
3:30 Issues with raised beds
3:47 Moving a
4:06 in
4:18 Fill raised beds on a budget
4:46 Prepping before tarps
5:17 Propagation station
5:49 Put the tarps on the ground
6:09 Not sure if tarps will kill the Cogon and
6:43 Tarped the raised beds until phase 2
7:16 Out

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