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Witness the remarkable resilience and revival story of our food forest one year after the devastating .

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It is a natural ecosystem with exceptional regrowth Nature restored of our very own paradise, creating a flourishing food forest amidst adversity.

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Let's see how nature's resilience and permaculture techniques have revived this paradise.

wreaked havoc, but instead of despair, we embraced the challenge and used it as an opportunity.

Through natural permaculture methods, we employed the “” technique to manage weeds without harmful chemicals.

By unwanted plants and allowing them to decompose, we created nutritious that nourishes the and suppresses future growth.

Our food forest is flourishing. Look at this abundance! The interplay of various species promotes a self-sustaining ecosystem, providing a rich habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife.

Nature has nurtured this resilient food forest and restored its beauty, proving that even in the face of adversity, nature can rebuild and thrive.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Panoramic View Before and After
0:54 East Side Devastated
1:04 East Side Recovered
1:42 African
1:56 Rack
2:07 Ice Cream Bean
2:24 Circle
2:40 Jungle
3:39 Cocoplum
4:06 Jamun
4:24 Shampoo Ginger
4:37 Turrmeric Flower
4:51 Dwarf Namwa Bananas
5:18 Chop n Drop Bananas
5:36 West Side
5:58 Cherry of the Rio Grande
6:21 Forest Garden
6:33 Mountain Soursop
6:47 Strawberry Tree
7:01 Carrie Mango Tree
7:32 Starfruit Tree
8:00 Jujube Tree
8:20 Big Downed Pine Tree
8:44 Food Forest Resilience
9:16 Thank You and Out

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