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Spring is just around the corner in my Florida zone 9b . I'm preparing the fruit trees for spring. I visit every tree in the food forest to do a little maintenance and take note of the condition of each tree.

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The fruit trees featured in the video are:
Pakistani Mulberry, Red Apricot, Ross Sapote, Jackfruit Tree, Ice Cream Bean Tree, Grumichama, Soursop, Lychee Tree, Surinam Cherry, Barbados Cherry, Lemon Tree, Loquat Tree, Barbados Cherry Tree, Cocoplum Tree, Jamun Tree, Jaboticaba Tree, Starfruit Tree, Tree, Tree, Cherry of the Rio Grande, Carrie , Pomegranate Tree, Mountain Soursop, Nam Doc Mai , Kesar , Jamaican Cherry, Florida King Peach, Sugar Apple, Ceylon Gooseberry, (Dovyalis hebecarpa), Custard Apple Tree, Abelmoschus manihot – Auntie Lillis South Sea Salad Tree, Abelmoschus manihot – South Sea Salad Tree, Peanut Butter Fruit Tree, Dwarf , Loquat Tree, Strawberry Tree, Starfruit Tree

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Pakistani Mulberry
1:17 Red Apricot
2:20 Ross Sapote
2:47 Jackfruit
3:23 Ice Cream Bean Tree
3:48 Grumichama
4:43 Soursop
6:02 Lychee Tree
6:41 Surinam Cherry
7:04 Barbados Cherry
7:47 Lemon Tree
8:07 Loquat Tree
8:53 Buried Barbados Cherry
10:49 Cocoplum tree
11:32 Jamun Tree
11:47 Jaboticaba Tree
12:41 Starfruit Tree
13:12 Tree
13:28 Tree
13:41 Cherry Of The Rio Grande
14:00 Carrie
14:29 Pomegranate Tree
14:58 Mountain Soursop
15:37 Nom Doc Mai
16:04 Kesar
16:22 Strawberry Tree
16:39 Florida King Peach
17:05 Sugar Apple Tree
17:18 Ceylon Gooseberry
17:36 Custard Apple Tree
17:51 Chef Salad Tree
18:19 South Sea Salad Tree
18:40 Peantbutter Fruit Tree
18:56 Dwarf
19:18 Small Loquat Tree
19:32 Small Jamaican Cherry
19:57 Small Starfruit
20:15 The End Thank You


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