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I've made many mistakes in the 3 years that I've been growing a forest.

Mistakes are how you learn.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes and don't let that stop you from starting a forest.

Mistake #1 – Not Using Enough

This part of the forest is 1.5 to 2 years old.

I almost passed out from heat stroke the day I was creating this section, so I didn't finish putting down the properly.

Then, I just left it and now its very weedy.

You can get away with using less if you put down a layer of first, but its better to layer up to a foot of mulch if you can.

I use a combination of Palm and Oak mulch.

The oak mulch does a better job of suppressing weeds, so I can get away with using less.

is better to directly in once its broken down for at least a few months.

Unfortunately that means that its also better for weeds to grow in.

I've learned to layer the mulch deeper when I'm using .

Mistake #2 – Spacing

I was really bad at this when I first started.

In the background, there is a , banana circle, Lychee and all with spacing that is way too tight.

In the foreground there is a Barbados Cherry and Surinam Cherry within feet of each other.

This may not look bad now, but it will be a problem as the plants get larger.

I still make this mistake from time to time because I want a dense, lush forest ecosystem.

Most of the trees in my are still young and small, so it is more difficult to visualize spacing.

I think a good rule of thumb is to give trees 10-20 feet of distance between them depending on the tree and how dense you want the .

Mistake #3 – Planting A Plant In The Wrong Location

Specifically for me, this has to do with planting in areass that are prone to standing water.

I've learned that Papaya plants will fall over when the ground is too moist.

Avacados trees also do not like we t feet.

I've given up on Avacados for now, but Papays are thriving in the right spot.

I hope this was helpful.

Let me stress again, the most important thing to remember is that making mistakes part of the process of learning.

The biggest mistake is not trying.

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