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Rain is coming. That's a big deal in Florida for this time of the year. My plants need the drink of water.

I've been waiting for this opportunity to put some plants in the ground. The rainy season is the best time to plant in Florida. I'm getting a head start as we transition to the rainy season.

The plants in this video are Yellow Butter Cup, Tree, Jam Tree, Sugar Apple Tree, Fried Egg Tree, Canistel Tree, , Sisso Spinach, Mushroom Shrub, Mint,

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Unboxing
2:22 Coupon Code
4:03 Making Soil
4:33 Yellow Butter Cup
4:53 Tree
5:06 Jam Tree
5:25 Planting Sugar Apple Tree
5:41 Planting Fried Egg Tree
6:07 Planting Canistel Tree
6:18 Planting
6:34 Planting 2nd Yellow
6:48 Planting The Ground Cover
7:34 The Is Upon Us


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