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I take you on a tour of what's ripening and what's not in our flourishing . Watch as we explore the abundant variety of fruits and berries found in our -based permaculture system. As we walk you through our , you'll discover an incredible assortment of delicious and nutritious produce. From luscious tropical fruits like bananas, papayas, and loquats, to an array of vibrant flowers such as shampoo ginger and butterfly pea.

Plants in this video: shampoo ginger, turmeric, , grumichama, banana plant, barbados cherry, papaya, kumquat, starfruit, sherbet berry, mountain soursop, strawberry tree, butterfly pea, cherry of the rio grande, american beauty berry, jujube tree

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Shampoo Ginger
1:16 Grumichama
1:42 Banana
1:53 Barbados Cherry
2:04 Kumquat Tree
2:50 Signs A Banana Is Going To Fruit
3:22 Papaya
3:32 Cherry of the Rio Grande
3:51 Mountain
4:01 Strawberry Tree
4:36 Jujube Tree
4:49 Palmetto Berries
5:03 Plants that Don't or Fruit

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